Welcome to the download section.

You can find various source code as well as executables vor Windows and OSX.

Naming convention:

  • Please note: app in the name indicates that the binary is for the OSX operating system,
  • whereas “standard naming” inclues an executable (*.exe) for Windows…

Installation notes:

  • The executables available here usually do non require any further software installation and run out of the box. Usually, there is only one file (the executable) which needs to be copied somewhere on the disk - that’s all.

  • Uninstallation is also fairly easy: just remove the executable from the disk and you are done. (Occasionly check also the %TEMP% directory for some temporary used files.)

  • As the source code is freely available, the software can be re-build from source code, if this might be required due to security policies. This eliminates any worries about maliculous software and gives the freedom to use any operating system of one might like to choose.

Tcl/Tk packages:

I am maintaining some generic packages which claim to be so called “megawidgets”. Using the packages for whatever reason is free, pls refer to the licence information inside each individual package.



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An easy to use markdown to html conversion tool. Zero installation, just drag and drop a directory to convert all md-files stored in that directory to html.



ASED - Source code editor


  • Tcl/Tk 8.x , BWidget IDE allowing editing of multiple Tcl files, providing syntax highlighting, indentation support, search/replace, unlimited undo/redo, simple console, fast source code navigation, syntax-check, automatic command completion, online-help and Tcl testing. Currently at v3.0b16.



  • ASEdit version v3.0b16 is a bit outdated and shows some oddities with actual tcl/tk 8.6.x release and with the BWidget 1.9.10 package.
  • The ased3.0b16_mod source includes updated support packages plus all the required changes for tcl/tk8.6 + tile + BWidget 1.9.10.
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Useful utility programs.


Helpviewer Application:




Macros for Catia.


Web development:

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The following package is a bit out-dated and only relevant, if someone uses the SilverStripe CMS system.



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More to follow…