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Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers and to create various html documentation in an easy way.

Follow this link to find outmore about the Markdown Syntax

What is Markdown2Go ?

Let’s you instantly convert ‘markdown’ text files to html.

Markdown2Go is an easy to use desktop utility which allows to convert text files from markdown to html. The program includes all required software like the markdown converter itself, plus some more useful packages like the caius extension (with table support) and bootstrap (a frequently used css framework).


The goal of Markdown2Go is to be both flexible and very easy to use. To this end, the design uses a number of innovative features:

  • Standalone

    • Everything is contained in a single executable.

      So installation is a snap. All you have to do is copy the binary onto your prefered disk drive of your local machine. There are no worries about compatible libraries or DLLs and no hassles setting up.

    • There are a few configuration options available to choose in the dialog at runtime.

  • Cross-platform

    • Markdown2Go can be compiled for either Windows or OSX/Unix, so it will probably work on any computer that happens to be at hand.
    • For the moment, there are binaries available for Windows and OSX (see download area).


  • Just drag&drop the current working directory (including all markdown text files) onto the entry filed in the GUI to instantly generate html files!

  • Currently supported platforms are: Windows as well as OSX.


Download Links: