• Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    For the last nine and a half years, I had the opportunity to contribute to Formula One. I was involved in the development of many different components such as bonded bodywork, driver-specific items, floor, carbon gearbox and more.

    When working for a client, you can expect a high-quality modelling standard, focusing on cost-efficient and resource-friendly solutions.


  • Parametric Design

    Parametric Design

    The goal is to create full parametric CAD models whenever possible, working with field-proven design methods developed over the past years.

    Main targets to achieve are: a clean and logic structure, allowing anyone else to carry on with the design easily / update-friendly geometry / enhanced modelling methodology (master model concept) and more...

  • Software Development

    Software Development

    In general, I am capable to develop client-based and web-based software solutions in a platform-independent way.

    As of now, I am focusing on the following: Specialized (CAD-related) software tailored to customers needs / a ready to go CMS-based web site solution which can be used for a wide range of customers.



As a former F1 design engineer, I am pleased to announce the establishment of my own business (as of July 2010), located near Cologne / Germany.

This site is intended to give a presentation of engineering services I am capable of offering to customers -  carbon composite part development, as well as various kinds of mechanical design and development work. Specialized in free form surfacing, my passion is to create lightweight and functional design solutions based on the given requirements from the customer.

During the whole design and development process, it is also important to work in a most efficient and productive way since the use of  "out of the box" software has turned out to be not sufficient enough. In most cases there is a need for customized software solutions - to ensure there is no waste of time and to boost productivity. Finding solutions has been occupying me for a considerable amount of time and as a result : I am also specialized in software development.


Working with latest industry standard CAD software (Catia V5) we can support you with:

  • Conceptual design,
  • Assembly design,
  • Package and DMU analysis,
  • Fitting simulations,
  • Creation of kinematic models,...







Feel free to get in contact...

CAD Service

Related to cad modeling, we are capable to do:

  • Surface + solid modeling,
  • Part design + development,
  • Pattern and tooling design for composite parts,







  • Technical drawings and documentation,
    • Material specifications,
    • Laminate specifications,
    • Bonding specifications

What else...

There might be still some room for improvement in your CAD office in respect of:

  • Ability to update existing models, once the geometry has changed,
  • Usage of advanced modelling techniques,
  • Usage of user-defined features to manage common standards,
  • Weight control of the overall product,
  • Product structure comparison, ...

Get in contact to find out whether we can help you out to solve your specific problems.


Software Development

We like to realize solutions that work.



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