• Working with Catia V5, I can support you with:
  • Conceptual design
  • Assembly design
  • Package and DMU analysis
  • Fitting simulations
  • Creation of kinematic models and more...

CAD Services

  • Related to CAD modeling, I am capable to do:
  • Surface + solid modeling
  • Part design + development
  • Pattern and tooling design for carbon composite parts
  • Technical drawings and documentation
  • Material / Laminate / Bonding specifications and more...

Software Development

  • There might be still some room for improvement in your CAD office in respect of:
  • Parametric modeling methodologies,
  • Usage of advanced modelling techniques,
  • Usage of user-defined features to manage common standards,
  • Weight control of the overall product.
  • Get in contact to find out whether we can help you out to solve your specific problems.

Engineering services:

Carbon composite development, as well as various kinds of mechanical design and development work. Specialized in free form surfacing, my passion is to create lightweight and functional design solutions. Recently I am involved in the design and development of small combustion engines as well as hybrid gearbox development.

Recent posts:

As I am using open source software quite often, I would like to share some of my work and ideas here. Please feel free to check out the blog and download pages to maybe find something useful.

Ultimaker 3 - Recovering a bricked UM3

on 2018-10-30

Recovering a bricked UM3 Problem description: After successfully finishing an over-night print job, I switched off the machine as usual. Some time later, I wanted to start another print job and switched the UM3 back on again. It happend that the machine won’t boot any more.

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Gyoroid als geeignete Füllstruktur fuer AM

on 2018-06-24

Gyoroid als geeignete Füllstruktur fuer AM Die Gyroid Fläche ist eine mathematische Fläche, die sich ggf. als Füllstruktur für Bauteile anbietet, die im 3D Druckverfahren hergestellt werden (“Additive Manufacturing”). 3D-Viewer: Der 3D Viewer wird auf älteren Web-Browsern nicht dargestellt.

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CATSkript - Voronoi Mesh Generator

on 2018-05-28

Idee: Mesh Generator als Catia-Makro Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3 Vorwort: Der Mesh Generator erzeugt automatisch eine Voronoi Struktur. Als Eingabe dient dabei ein Sketcher (Catia) mit einer 2D-Punktewolke.

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STL Web Viewer Demo

on 2018-02-25

STL Web-Viewer Demo: Note: Please be patient, a fairly big model (gyroid lattice structure) is going to be loaded into the viewer, depending on the performance of the network, this might take a while… View your own STL file:

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Binary Software Packages

Pls. check out, if there is something useful for you.